Cultural and spiritual journeys to India


We invite you to explore India with our .  “Cultural and Spiritual Journeys to India”

Our cultural journeys are designed to provide our travellers with the opportunity to enjoy their stay in the country while at the same time immersing themselves in its culture and traditions. Our spiritual journeys combine culture, tourism, yoga and meditation classes, so that your days in India are complete and you take with you the best of each place.
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Furthermore, if you wish to undertake these trips at different dates and are a group of at least 4 people, we will customise your journey!

Why this Trip

You probably have been curious at some point to know about India or you may have even travelled to this wonderful land filled with mystery and spirituality, but, have you ever known in depth its culture, traditions, and religion?

We invite you to know India from within through fascinating cultural and spiritual journeys. Journeys in which, above all, we wish you to enjoy and take with you good memories of your time here. India is unique and incredible, and we want your experience to be also unique and incredible.

If you want to know India from within, to know its culture, spirituality, traditions, gastronomy, medicine, music, and much more, this is your trip!

Get ready to enjoy a unique experience in the oldest inhabited city of the world, Varanasi, guided by Sangha Services.

After arriving in New Delhi and visiting some of the monuments of the city, we will travel to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort.

We will spend 8 days in the city of Varanasi, on the banks of the river Ganges. We will stay in an apartment where a cook-in-residence will delight our palates with delicious dishes from the local gastronomy.

In the mornings, we will spend our time deepening our knowledge of various aspects of Indian culture, such as history, geography, caste system, yoga and Ayurveda, different types of Hindu worship, minority religions, and many other topics!

In the afternoons, we will visit the city and enjoy seeing its temples, monasteries, ashrams, crematories… We will walk through the ghats and the old quarters of Varanasi. We will get lost in its little lanes full of charm and we will also enjoy having free time to discover Varanasi on our own.

Besides, as a practical part, there will be yoga classes, Ayurvedic massage, classical music concerts, cooking workshops, boat rides in the Ganges… and many more surprises!

We will also visit Sarnath, the place where Buddha gave his first teaching after his Enlightenment.

And for two days… we will travel to Bodhgaya, the site where Buddha attained Enlightenment! We will visit the Maha Bodhi temple, where stands the tree under which Buddha was enlightened and we will spend one day at the outskirts of the city, visiting the Vulture Peak Mountain and the ruins of Nalanda University.



“A very special trip through the Ganges Valley””

"I encourage those wanting to challenge themselves while at the same time enjoying the surprising sides of human nature, to go on one of these tours guided by people who know perfectly well the place and the persons they guide. I am eternally grateful to both and they will always remain with me"


“Our trip was intense, but full of teachings”

"This summer I travelled to India with a wonderful group guided by Sangha Services. It was a very enriching experience; travelling to India will never leave you indifferent. This may sound like a cliché, but it is not.  "


“With Sangha Services, you will be able to visit India your own way.”

"We wanted to visit India but we were afraid of doing it on our own, and we did not feel like joining a 100% organised tour. With Sangha Services, you will be able to visit India your own way, but with the support of a serious and professional agency. They are very flexible and adapt to meet your personal tastes; moreover, their advice would always be the best"

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