Enchanted Journey and Yoga in North India


Why this trip

Sangha Services organizes trips in North India aimed to live the country from within, to understand it from its roots. We don’t want our travellers to just pass by India; we want them to feel India, to understand it, to enjoy it, and to live a unique experience with us.

Therefore, this summer Sangha Services offers you the opportunity to visit India on a 15-day trip that includes an immersion in the world of yoga in Rishikesh; the culture and spirituality of India in Varanasi; and the world of palaces and monuments in Jaipur, Pushkar, and Agra.

A comprehensive trip that will help you to know more about the traditions of the country as we will visit 3 different states: Uttarkhand at the foothills of the Himalayas; Uttar Pradesh with the Ganges river; and Rajasthan with the desert and its colours. We will also immerse ourselves in the world of yoga and the culture of the country.


“A very special trip through the Ganges Valley””

"I encourage those wanting to challenge themselves while at the same time enjoying the surprising sides of human nature, to go on one of these tours guided by people who know perfectly well the place and the persons they guide. I am eternally grateful to both and they will always remain with me"


“Our trip was intense, but full of teachings”

"This summer I travelled to India with a wonderful group guided by Sangha Services. It was a very enriching experience; travelling to India will never leave you indifferent. This may sound like a cliché, but it is not.  "


“With Sangha Services, you will be able to visit India your own way.”

"We wanted to visit India but we were afraid of doing it on our own, and we did not feel like joining a 100% organised tour. With Sangha Services, you will be able to visit India your own way, but with the support of a serious and professional agency. They are very flexible and adapt to meet your personal tastes; moreover, their advice would always be the best"

Nuria and family

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