Guided Walks in Varanasi


If you are already in India and come to Varanasi, you can also use our services.

Varanasi is a city full of charm, of sacred and magical sites that perhaps at first site are not so easy to find. Moreover, to have a local person accompanyingyou in your walks through the city will always give you more knowledge in all respects. You can share all your questions regarding whatever you see, feel, or smell with someone who will certainly be able to answer them.

Therefore, in Sangha Services we offer these guided walks or excursions so that your stay in the city would be as rewarding as possible.

You can also count on the presence of a Spanish-speaking person if your level of English is not sufficiently fluent to communicate or making yourself understood.

Count on us and enjoy your walks!

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Walking Tour

Includes visits to monasteries, ashrams and temples in the old part of the city, as well as traditional schools of Vedas.

We will walk through the little lanes of Varanasi, the vegetable market and the stallsof different foods, essences, fabrics, etc.

And we will visit the main crematory of the city of Varanasi: Manikarnika

Duration of the walk: 3-4 hours.

Sunrise / Sunset at Ganga

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences during your stay in Varanasi.

You will be delighted with the marvellous sight of the ghats and the tireless activityat sunrise at the bank of the river: pujas, baths, rituals, etc.

Withus, you will know in much greater detail the meaning of these rituals and the stories hidden in those mysterious palaces.

Also, in the afternoons we will watch the Arti ceremony.

Duration of the ride: 1 hour

Note: during the Monson months (July, August and up to mid-September), boat rides are usually not allowed due to the river swelling. Ask us information about availability during those months.

City Tour

Varanasi is also known as “the city of the temples”. The towers of thousands of temples can be seen emerging in the skyline of the city while little shrines decorate every corner of the streets.

We will accompany you with local transportation (car or mini bus) to visit and get to know the most emblematic temples of the city. The temple of Varanasi University, the temple of Mother Durga, and the temple of Mother India.

Duration of the visit: 3 hours.

Palacio de Ramnagar

¿Sabías que hay un rey en Benarés? El palacio de Ramnagar, a la otra orilla del Ganges, es su palacio.

Actualmente es posible visitar algunas de sus estancias y el museo que hay en su interior.

¿Quieres que te acompañemos y te contemos su historia?

Duración del paseo: 3 horas.

Sarnath, Birrtplace of Budishm

Sarnath, 14 km from Varanasi, is one of the most important Buddhist sites in India. There, 2.500 years ago, Buddha gave his first teaching after attaining Enlightenment in the city of Gaya, now in the state of Bihar.

Sarnath has a beautiful museum, a park with the commemorative stupa of this first teaching, various Buddhist temples, and temples from other traditions.

This is a place one must visit, and it is best to do it with a specialised person who can explain each detail of this beautiful site.

Duration of the visit: 4 hours.

Also, if the walk is in the afternoon, we will see the Arti ceremony.

Duration of the walk: 1 hour

Note: during the Monson months (July, August and up to mid-September), boat rides are usually not allowed due to the river swelling. Ask us information about availability during those months.


Located at 30 km from the city of Varanasi, Chunar is known by its Fort and the Durga Temple.

Also, according to history, there is the cave of a yogi who lived there more than 200 years ago.

Spend with us a day in the country and visit a place full of charm.

Duration of the excursion: 6 hours.


“A very special trip through the Ganges Valley””

"I encourage those wanting to challenge themselves while at the same time enjoying the surprising sides of human nature, to go on one of these tours guided by people who know perfectly well the place and the persons they guide. I am eternally grateful to both and they will always remain with me"


“Our trip was intense, but full of teachings”

"This summer I travelled to India with a wonderful group guided by Sangha Services. It was a very enriching experience; travelling to India will never leave you indifferent. This may sound like a cliché, but it is not.  "


“With Sangha Services, you will be able to visit India your own way.”

"We wanted to visit India but we were afraid of doing it on our own, and we did not feel like joining a 100% organised tour. With Sangha Services, you will be able to visit India your own way, but with the support of a serious and professional agency. They are very flexible and adapt to meet your personal tastes; moreover, their advice would always be the best"

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