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Sangha services te ofrece la posibilidad de conocer los lugares sagrados más importantes del Budismo en India.

Sangha Services offers you the possibility of visiting the most important sacred sites of Buddhism in India.

Buddha was born, lived, and died in India more than 2.500 years ago. Thanks to archaeological work carried out during the past 150 years, many places where Buddha stayed are now important centres of pilgrimage for thousands of people all over the world. These energy-filled places invite you to recollection and meditation.

Whether alone or as part of a group, organise your trip with us, and come along… in the steps of the Buddha.

We will accompany you and will provide you with details; you can choose your own itinerary or design it with us.

1. Lumbini

Birthplace of Buddha in 563 C.E. It is a World Heritage Site situated in Nepal, next to the Indian border.

In Lumbini stands the Maya Devi Temple commemorating the place where prince Siddartha Gautama (Buddha’s childhood name) was born. The German archaeologist A. Futzer excavated the site and discovered the first footprints of baby Siddartha and the Ashoka pillar dated 300 C.E., built by the Indian king as a tribute to this place. 

2. Kapilvastu

Located between India and Nepal. Here we find the oldest stupa of Buddhism (5 C.E.) built by the Shakya dynasty, and the palace ruins of Buddha’s father, Suddhodhan, where Buddha spent his childhood.

This archaeological site in the Indian side is known as Piprahwa.

3. Vaishali

Vaishali is the place where Buddha met his first spiritual master, Alarkalam. Here Buddha spent three rainy seasons and founded the first congregation, or Sangha, for women. It was also in this place where Buddha gave his last teaching before his death and where, 100 years later, the second Buddhist Council took place. A site of great significance within the Buddhist path.

In Vaishali there is also the Ananda stupa, the relic stupa of Buddha (1c C.E.) and one Ashoka pillar.

4. Bodhgaya, Rajgir y Nalanda

Located in the state of Bihar, these three places are of vital importance in Buddhist history.

Bodhgaya is a World Heritage Site. There Buddha attained Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree when he was 35 years old. After being enlightened, Buddha remained in Bodhgaya seven more weeks practising meditation. The Maha Bodhi Temple represents the place where Buddha was enlightened and the Bodhi tree stands there. It is a place filled with wonder and charm.

Also in Bodhgaya, there is a Buddha statue 18feet long, the cave where Buddha meditated for three years before his enlightenment, the Sugata Temple, and one can also visit monasteries from different Buddhist traditions of the world.

Rajgir, 80 km from Bodhgaya, is the place where Buddha met his second master. After his Enlightenment, Buddha spent 5 rainy seasons there and gave many of his teachings in the mountain known as Vulture Peak, among them the beautiful Heart Sutra. Also in Rajgir the first Buddhist Council took place, 6 months after Buddha’s death.

Nalanda was the first Buddhist University of the world. Built in 500 C.E., Nalanda was a place of study for sages such as Mahavira or Nagarjuna. In the year 1200 C.E., the Muslim invaders destroyed the University and burnt its great library.

5. Sarnath

14 km from Varanasi, Sarnath is known as the birthplace of Buddhism, for it was there that Buddha gave his first teaching, the Four Noble Truths, after attaining Enlightenment. In Sarnath, Buddha spent his first rainy season after being enlightened and founded the first congregation or Sangha with 60 members.

6. Kushinagar

In Kushinagar, Buddha attained Paranirvana at 80 years of age. There, there is a relic stupa of Buddha and the site that commemorates the place where the body of Buddha was cremated. In the temple, one can see a statue of Buddha in Nirvana posture. It is a pilgrimage site for Buddhists from all over the world.


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